Graphic design

Graphic Design

Graphic design is where the moment of visual communication comes. As we mentioned before you have just a few seconds to keep users on your website, so don't loose this opportunity. The right graphic design is the key to a successful web page development.

You can communication through graphic design with your clients be that in physical or virtual form, and may include images, words, or graphic forms.It can also be for any purpose, whether commercial, educational, cultural, or political.

Certain parts of your website are more important than others (forms, calls to action, value proposition...), and you want those parts to a get more attention than the "less important" parts. Concentrating on your visual content- graphic design you are able to focus their attention at your desired target.

The more intense your content/too many options on your website are, the hard it is for people browsing your website to use it.In order to prevent such mistakes and give an easy browsing experience to your visitors, you must eliminate unnecessary choices/content.To make a better web design, the process of eliminating distracting options has to be continuous throughout the design process.

For a web site to live up to its potential, it must attract the right audience, and in the right numbers.That means it must be optimized to be found for people searching for what the site offers, whether they found your site via organic or paid search, through advertising or social media.

Here are some tips to consider:

  1. Have a polished, professional logo--and link it to your home page
  2. Use intuitive/comfortable navigation
  3. Make sure there are no clusters on your webpages:e.g. image overload, animated gifs, graphics;
  4. Make use of warm, neutral colors- using neutral color palettes can help your site project an elegant, clean and modern appearance
  5. Be sure to upload good quality photos- use this opportunity to impress people with your uniqueness
  6. Choose fonts that are easy to read across devices and browsers- in modern day smartphones are more commonly used to look something up than desktop computers, so be sure to be mobile-friendly not to lose potential clients
  7. Make sure your contact details are easy to see and accessible and be available at all times
  8. Don't forget about the buttons and their importance-"when a visitor hovers over your submit button, it should change color, gradient, opacity or font treatment

            9.Test your design and be sure there are no unseen mistake!