Yandex Advertising

Now you can place search ads as well as thematic contextual ads to people who are already searching for similar goods and services on Yandex and thousands of other sites. Yandex (Russian: Яндекс) operates the largest search engine in Russia with about 60% market share in that country.

Yandex Advertising Network (YAN) is a group of websites, which display ads served by Yandex.Direct. The advertising network links thousands of sites, whose total audience exceeds 73 million people per month. Placing an ad on YAN websites will allow you to expand your audience coverage. Some of the tens of thousands of YAN partner websites include Skype, Opera, Inneractive,Bing, LiveJournal, etc. All member websites in the YAN are either content or search websites. Content websites display content ads, while search websites show search ads.

The Yandex home page is the single most visited web page on the Russian internet. By placing a banner on their home page (and can also be displayed on the search results page of the partner services and you are guaranteed the highest possible audience coverage that is as diverse as it is vast.Every day more than ten million people open their Home Page browser.

You can safely calculate your monthly ad budget in the regions that you selected for your ads and keywords to be displayed, and to find out the approximate cost of redirects generated by your ads.

Advertising platform supports desktops (desktop computers and laptops), tablets, and on phones (mobile phones and smartphones).Users regularly visit Yandex not only from their desktops, but also from their smartphones and tablets. Ad placement on the mobile version of Yandex’s main page allows you to increase your audience reach.

Those who visit the mobile version of Yandex’s home page tend to be young,progressive, and technically literate. As such, advertising on several different categories is relevant. These categories can range from travel or finances, to consumer goods.

A contextual banner ad is one of the most effective means of achieving the maximum possible audience coverage for people interested in a specific product or service.When triggered by relevant keywords, a contextual banner ad appears on the Yandex search results page.

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