Google Ads

Google Ads

Through Google Ads you reach people at the precise moment they’re searching for what you offer. Your ad is displayed to people who are already searching for the kinds of products and services you offer. So those people are more likely to take action.
You can choose where your ad appears -- on which specific websites and in which geographical areas (states, towns, or even neighborhoods).

Control your budget

With cost-per-click (CPC) bidding, you’re charged only when someone clicks your ad, not when your ad appears. There are a variety of bidding options you can choose from.
You decide how much or little you want to spend monthly, and you’ll never be charged more than that amount. With Ads, you decide how much you're comfortable spending and set your budget accordingly. This makes online advertising accessible to businesses with limited advertising budgets.
There’s no minimum spending commitment.

When you advertise online with Ads, you can use different targeting methods to reach potential customers right when they're searching for your products or services.

When you advertise alongside search results on the Google Search Network

, you select keywords to help target your ads to people searching for related terms. You can also choose to show your ads at certain times of day, and specify a location and language.

When you advertise on websites that show Google ads (called the Google Display Network

), you can get even more specific by choosing the age of the people you want to reach, the types of sites they visit, and their areas of interest.

These different ways to target your ads help make sure you're putting your advertising dollars towards reaching only the people most likely to become your customers.

See exactly what's working in your ad, and build on it

View a report of how your ad is doing -- see how many new customers connect to your business from your ad, where they’re coming from, and more.

Take a deeper look at the Google Ads Channels :

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