About Newsletter

Newsletters Build Trust and Brand Awareness.Use e-mail marketing to communicate offers that your clients are interested in. You can reach your customers on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and remind them of your latest news or offers. Newsletter campaigns or e-mail marketing is a simple way to interact outside social media and search engines with your subscribers. It has become a crucial activity for businesses to engage in email marketing and often is their main mode of engaging customers, building loyalty and driving sales.

Here are some interesting and useful tips about how to engage your clients with newsletters:

  1. Make it easy to subscribe- usually put in the homepage or somewhere where it is easily noticeable
  2. Notify customers what to expect if they subscribe or let them tell you what they want- to avoid misunderstandings or people unsubscribing
  3. It can be beneficial to you if you send welcoming email to your new subscribers- reassure them that they are on your list; a thanking note is always appreciated.
  4. Design your newsletters professional and engaging- not too flashy, just enough to grab people's attention
  5. Be frequent and be ready to respond on any questions- let people see you send information regularly, but avoid overload; be sure to answer to interested customers
  6. Avoid sending spam email and be sure your email lands in people's inbox- know how to do that by reading the CAN-SPAM act, or other sources.
  7. Be Mobile-friendly- make use of all the device platforms (mobile,tablets, laptops, desktop computers)
  8. Have a share option- Send content that people want to share, and make it easy for them to do it.Include a public link to the web version in your newsletters so people can read it outside of their email programs.Consider adding Social media links such as Twitter,Facebook,YouTube,Instagram to your newsletter, so readers can share your content where they’re already active. It is an easy way to spread your company's awareness.
  9. Keep an eye on your progress- know how your e-mail newsletters interactions are going: Do you know how often customers open your newsletter?Do you know which subject lines work? Do you know which articles they read?