Advertise on Twitter

Advertise on Twitter

Advertise on Twitter to benefit from the following:

Reach potential customers
Get your messages in front of people not yet following you by promoting your Tweets

Gain more followers
Quickly grow your community of high value followers and drive word of mouth by promoting your account

Measure results in real time
Track the growth of your follower base and see how people engage with every single Tweet

How It Works: 

Choose your target audience
Reach the right audience by targeting based on interests, geography, gender, device,
or users similar to your followers. In addition, maximize the relevancy of your message by
targeting by keywords in people’s Tweets.

Amplify your message and get discovered
Get your Tweets and your account in front of more people who are interested in you.

Set a budget and pay for what works
Only pay when users follow your account or retweet, like, reply, or click on your Promoted Tweet. You’re in complete control. There’s no minimum spend, and you can start and stop at any time.

Tracking your campaign process has become an easy task with the options provided by the Twitter analytics. When you’re trying to grow your business, setting goals and tracking your results in a timely and accurate manner is critical. Your campaigns dashboard has the results you need to optimize your Twitter Ads campaigns. You can track:

This is how many times your ads have been seen by Twitter users.
These are the actions that are tied to your objectives. For example, if your goal is website visits, the results tracked will be link clicks.
Your engagement rate 
This is the number of impressions for your ads divided by the number of results.
Your cost per result
This is how much you’re paying, on average, for each relevant action people are taking from your ads.

You can see even more specific results such as:

Your different objectives
See the average results for your website clicks campaigns, or the average results for your followers campaigns.
Individual campaigns
See how specific campaigns are performing against your goals.
Individual Tweets
See which combinations of copy and creative are contributing the most to your campaigns.
Targeting criteria 
See which of your targeted audiences are responding the most to your ads.

Start now your online presence and increase your influence on Twitter with the Advertising options available!