Google Search

Google Search Network

The Google Search Network is a group of search-related websites or apps where your ads can appear.When you advertise on the Google Search Network, your ad can show next to search results when someone searches with terms related to one of your keywords.

If you use keywords to target your ads, you select a set of keywords related to the product or service you'd like to advertise. Then, when people search using the words or phrases you picked, your text ads can appear alongside or above search results.

  • On Google search sites: Your ads can appear on Google Search, Shopping, and Maps when someone searches on your keywords. They can appear above or below search results on Google Search. Here's an example, for the keyword "cupcakes":

cupcakes experiment model

  • On other search sites that are part of the Search Network: When someone searches on search sites that have partnered with Google to show AdWords ads, such as AOL, your ads might appear alongside or above search results or on other relevant search pages.
  • On mobile search: Your ads can appear on, the mobile version of Google Search. Reach your customers while they're on the go with ads on mobile devices.Here's an example of an ad for cupcakes on mobile search:
    High-end mobile ad
  • Text Ads: You can customize your text ads by choosing where they will show up:to customers in an entire country, a certain geographic location, or even to customers who use names of locations in their searches.To better reach your potential customers, you can also target your campaigns to the languages they speak. And if your customers speak multiple languages, you can create separate campaigns to manage ads and keywords for each of those languages.
  • When is appropriate to use Google Search Network ? 
    • You want your ads to appear next to Google search results
    • You only want to reach customers searching for your specific product or service
    • You are more focused on getting people to take action such as clicking your ad or calling your business.

This type of Campaign show ads to people who are actively seeking out information.When someone is intentionally seeking out a product or service like yours, they're much more likely to find your ad helpful, and click it.